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Singapore Swim School
Awards Winning Syllabus

More than just strokes and tests, the Singapore Swim School's syllabus fosters confidence that extends far beyond the pool.


Each conquered lap, each mastered skill, breeds resilience and self-belief, equipping our students with the tools to navigate life's challenges with the same determination they bring to the water.

We invite you to join our aquatic family and experience the transformative power of swimming.


Let our proven, award-winning syllabus guide you on a journey where confidence takes root, skills blossom, and a lifelong love for the water takes hold.

Stage 1 to 6 (Learn to Swim Level)


There will be a total of 6 stages for in the Learn To Swim level. Stage 1 being the beginner level, Stages 2 & 3 being the intermediate levels and stages 4 to 6 being the advanced levels (Bronze, Silver & Gold).

Students are encouraged to learn until at least stage 4 (Bronze) to be water survival safe and avoid from drowning.

To pass stage 6 (Gold), students must be able to swim at least 200m for each swim stroke (Front crawl, Breaststroke & Backstroke) and accurately demonstrate water survival techniques in the water. 


Our swimming coaches will conduct a trial test prior to the actual swimming assessment twice a year and notify the parent or student if they are eligible or ready for the test.


The following is Singapore Swim School's syllabus, inclusive of the test criteria for each stage.  

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Stage 7 to 10 (Master Level)


For students who have passed Stage 6 (Gold) and are keen to go further into stroke perfection and speed, we offer master levels for those who can take higher endurance levels of swim coaching.

Students at this stage will be trained on 4 different strokes- Breaststroke, Front Crawl, Backstroke, Butterfly. Training beyond stage 6 will be focused on skills such as speed focusing, discipline, stamina, distance-covering and endurance training.


These master competitive levels (Gold star) will be stages 7 to 10 of our Singapore Swim School syllabus.

Students will be trained to be lifeguard and swim coach qualified upon completed these master levels. These Extra qualification is good for future part time or as career backup.

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Students who have completed stage 10 are strongly encouraged to join our Lifesaving123 and BM courses. Upon completion of these lifesaving courses, students will be certified as a qualified Lifeguard.


After the lifesaving courses, students can choose to progress further and train to become a qualified swim coach.

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