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Swimming Lessons for Ladies

At Singapore Swim School, we have special swimming lessons for ladies. We understand the essence of learning to swim in conducive and relaxed atmospheres.


We get that some ladies feel more relaxed and focused when around other females doing the same thing in order to achieve the same shared objective- to learn and grow together in a safe environment.


Here, we have trained female swimming coaches who can easily relate to and assist our female learners to learn to swim. Our female instructors and coaches will guide you closely throughout the training period.  

The female anatomy is different from that of the male, and having a female coach who understands female-related concerns will make it easier for you to learn faster and better.


Female instructors have a good knowledge and experience of how women can take advantage of their bodies to learn swimming faster.  

Kids Swim Lessons

Where children learn to swim together in groups. Do expect collaborative learning and harmonious interaction in our group classes for young swimmers. Widen their social circles- let your child interact, friendships will blossom!


$100/ mth

Adults Swim Lessons

Where adult swimmers learn proper swim techniques in groups. No matter the level of expertise of our adult swimmers, our coaches will provide a systemic learning process for all individuals in the class. 


$120/ mth

Private Swim Lessons

Where full-on attention is channeled into grooming our individual learners. Learners get to enjoy undivided coaching and correction by our coaches for the entire duration of all lessons. 



Swimming lessons for Adults

Benefits of Swimming for Ladies  


Improve Your Physical and Mental Fitness Level: Learning to swim will improve your physical fitness, help you burn calories and build the right muscles. It is important adults to be physically fit, to go about daily activities with ease. 

Also, swimming helps you develop a stronger mind, and aids in clearing your head as a form of mental de-stress. Think faster and make better decisions!   


Your Child Can Learn From You: If you have learnt to swim as a parent, you may find it easier to impart your swimming skills to your child. You may teach your child basic swimming skills and help your child feel relaxed around water whilst developing the right mindset to swim around other children.    


Recreation: With swim skills, you can partake in water-based activities, sport and recreation. Go surf! Snorkel! Kayak! No more fear of drowning, or not being able to swim with friends and family. You can even join other swimmers at beaches, or waterbodies alike and have all the fun in the world. The options are endless!     

Safety: Swimming saves lives. You may save your own life or the life of your child, loved ones, friends, family members or any other person if water accidents occur. Drowning has always been a high cause for death. Being able to swim will increase your chances of survival.

We have swimming coaches with certified lifesaving skills and are all first aids trained. We have lifeguards on duty to ensure everyone is safe around the pool.

Join Singapore Swim School


At Singapore Swim School, we warmly welcome anyone who intends to join us. We have instructors you can share your experiences with, feel free to communicate with your coaches to ensure your swim lessons are well tailored to your needs. Join us today, you won't regret it!

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