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Private Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons

You may have considered private swimming lessons but wondered if it's worth your money.


Learning to swim is definitely something you should pursue for yourself and your children. Private lessons can make a huge difference in the pace of one's learning.


Increased amount of attention targeted at the learner, as well as increased flexibility in class timings and rescheduling are 2 of the many benefits of opting for private lessons.


Swim coaches who teach individual private lessons can provide far more for their students than that in a group setting. 

Kids Swim Lessons

Where children learn to swim together in groups. Do expect collaborative learning and harmonious interaction in our group classes for young swimmers. Widen their social circles- let your child interact, friendships will blossom!


$100/ mth

Adults Swim Lessons

Where adult swimmers learn proper swim techniques in groups. No matter the level of expertise of our adult swimmers, our coaches will provide a systemic learning process for all individuals in the class. 


$120/ mth

Private Swim Lessons

Where full-on attention is channeled into grooming our individual learners. Learners get to enjoy undivided coaching and correction by our coaches for the entire duration of all lessons. 



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Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons

Undivided attention from the coach allows child and adult individual learners get the most out of private lessons. Quicker results can be observed over time. 

By providing more attention to the student, lessons are more efficient and fast-paced. There is no time lost to making sure other students have mastered a technique before moving on.


Every minute of the class is dedicated to a single student. This one-on-one attention helps each swimmer get the feedback he/she needs and stretch his potential to the fullest. It allows the coach to identify the swimmer's strengths and weaknesses more readily.

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At Your Convenience 

If you opt for private swimming lessons, you have the freedom of having your swim classes held at your desired location and time, all at your convenience.


If you have a private swimming pool at home or have access to condominium pool facilities, our instructors will be there to conduct lessons for you. The freedom to choose your preferred time and swimming pool location will make it easier for you to prepare well before lessons and learn better without having to compromise on your personal schedule. 


Learn in the presence of people you’re comfortable with. If you feel relaxed and comfortable with your spouse, kids, friends, or loved ones around you while you learn, you may invite them to accompany you to your private swim classes.


Having your loved around whilst honing a hobby or skill may boost your confidence and better your learning. However, if you want to have alone one-on-one sessions with your coach, by all means! 

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