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Swimming Lessons for Kids

Every kid deserves the chance to learn how to swim early in life. Most adults who don’t know how to swim often put the blame on their parents for not providing them a chance to do so, since the steepness of their learning curves increase as years go by.  

Early enrollment of kids in swimming classes erases their fear of water. Swimming classes are a good way for children to develop their love for water, instilling water-confidence for a lifetime. Be it a mode of exercise or a mode of recreation, who knows? They might even consider competitive swimming in their growing years, and possibly even as a career later on in life!


At Singapore Swim School, we have created a unique platform for children of all ages to learn to swim in the right environment and develop swimming skills under the watchful eyes of our professional swimming coaches.  We have an award-winning teaching syllabus for both learn-to-swim and competitive levels in line with Sports Singapore.

Kids Swim Lessons

Where children learn to swim together in groups. Do expect collaborative learning and harmonious interaction in our group classes for young swimmers. Widen their social circles- let your child interact, friendships will blossom!


$100/ mth

Adults Swim Lessons

Where adult swimmers learn proper swim techniques in groups. No matter the level of expertise of our adult swimmers, our coaches will provide a systemic learning process for all individuals in the class. 


$120/ mth

Private Swim Lessons

Where full-on attention is channeled into grooming our individual learners. Learners get to enjoy undivided coaching and correction by our coaches for the entire duration of all lessons. 



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Benefits of Swimming Lessons for Kids 


Consider the following swim benefits: 

Survival: Every child deserves the right to life and a chance at survival when the need arises. Accidents can occur when you least expect it to, and you as a parent may not be there when it happens. You must be prepared for the unexpected.  


Drowning is rated the third-highest cause of accidental death in children worldwide. But a child who has learned appropriate swimming skills will be more likely to survive these tragedies, by keeping skillfully keeping afloat till help arrives. In such cases, a simple swim skill can make all the difference between life and death. 

Stay Fit and Healthy: Swimming boosts children's stamina; improve their body balance and posture. Also, total body strengthening can be achieved through swim. Learning to swim improves these attributes.


Children who swim regularly tend to be leaner and healthier than those who do not. Swim helps to strengthen the core, spine, and limbs, even people with breathing difficulty will be able to see gradual improvement over periods of swim. In short, swimming is a form of healthy living, with fuller and enriched lifestyles. 


Water Sports: The ability to maneuver in the water equips your child with endless, valued opportunities to learn and participate in other water-related sports.


Career Options: Competitive swimmer? Coach? Lifeguard? Diver? Open up your child's career options, cast a wide safety net for them. You never know where your child may end up in the future. Early introduction to sports is an ideal way of opening several doors of opportunities for them to choose from.     

Swimming Helps Improve Blood Circulation and Brain Activity:

Studies have proven that kids who do well in sports such as swimming are often more determined to follow through in all that day do, and have the competitive edge to participate in healthy competitions. Sporty children tend to perform better in their studies.

Above are only some of the benefits of swimming. Start your swim lessons now.

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What We Offer


Safety First: At Singapore Swim School, your child's safety is our top priority. We understand the concerns of parents regarding the safety of their children when in the midst of other children, mostly in a public environment, and while in the water. We have first-aid trained swim coaches with certified lifesaving skills and approved by Singapore Swimming Association. Fret not! 


We have lifeguards on duty that are constantly watching and observing every child in and out of the pool. Also, children are kept within view of coaches and are closely monitored at all times during class.    


Professionalism: At Singapore Swim School, we have professional swim coaches who specialize in training children to swim.


We make swimming fun. Though an essential skill, learning does not have to be tedious and dull. By incorporating fun into the lessons, learning can be an engaging and stimulating process for all. 

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