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Swimming Lessons for Adults

If you are an adult who has never learnt to swim, we at Singapore Swim School can help you gain this basic life skill. Don't feel embarrassed! We have adult group classes, where mature individuals have progressed and enjoyed every session. 


Singapore Swim School can provides individual private lessons, and group lessons.  


No one is too old to learn swimming. In fact, some adults learn swimming faster than children due to improved and more mature comprehension and retention of information. Learning swimming skills is definitely not age-limiting. It's a skill you can learn and master as an adult.  

At Singapore Swim School, we have swimming coaches and instructors who understand the needs of adults who intend to learn swimming from scratch. We have created a special learning environment and schedule for such adults for the quick mastery of swimming.  


Regardless of your past swimming experiences or level of expertise, we have professional swim coaches who will patiently guide you through the necessary drills toward your eventual goal. 

Kids Swim Lessons

Where children learn to swim together in groups. Do expect collaborative learning and harmonious interaction in our group classes for young swimmers. Widen their social circles- let your child interact, friendships will blossom!


$100/ mth

Adults Swim Lessons

Where adult swimmers learn proper swim techniques in groups. No matter the level of expertise of our adult swimmers, our coaches will provide a systemic learning process for all individuals in the class. 


$120/ mth

Private Swim Lessons

Where full-on attention is channeled into grooming our individual learners. Learners get to enjoy undivided coaching and correction by our coaches for the entire duration of all lessons. 



Swimming lessons for Adults

Benefits of Learning To Swim as an Adult 

Burn Calories and Improve Fitness Level: Swimming is one easy way for adults to burn calories and improve general physical fitness levels. Burn up to 500-650 calories per hour, based on your fitness level and vigor of swim.


You can burn more calories by flopping around the water than having a clean swim. Also, as you swim to burn calories, you are improving your general fitness level.  


Lead a Healthy Lifestyle: Start a healthy lifestyle by swimming. Swimming helps reduce the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and several other chronic illnesses.  Also, swimming can help you maintain a healthy body weight.  

Swimming Saves Lives: Being able to swim can save your life, the life of your loved ones or others in the case of accidents.  Your swimming skills could make all the difference.        

Swimming Builds Self-confidence: As you master each step and improve your swim technique, you sense of accomplishment will flourish. As your self-confidence grows, you could feel empowered and ever-ready to take on activities you may have put off before, and tackle challenges with a greater mind moving forward.

Low-impact Workout: Swimming lessons can help those who require low-impact aerobic workouts. Individuals recovering from injuries, operations or with medical conditions who prefer gentler exercise types often opt for swimming. Our swimming lessons at Singapore Swim School can be adapted to accommodate all of these situations. Just inform us, our coaches and we will make the necessary arrangements for you.

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