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Singapore Swim School - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who do I contact for swimming lesson enquiries or make-up/replacement lessons?  

Please contact our Admin Class Manager (Richmond - 97250568) via WhatsApp for makeup lessons and lesson enrollment enquiries, and/or other matters. 

Please save the above admin class manager number into your mobile phone for our WhatsApp broadcasting purposes.

2. When and how do I make payment for the monthly swim lessons?

Every student has to pay the monthly fees for swim lessons on the 1st of the month before the start of his/her lesson


Late payment penalty charges of up to 5% will be imposed after 14 days.


Singapore Swim School encourages students to pay their fees via Paynow to Singapore Swim School UEN (53217200X).


Please WhatsApp Payment Admin (Alice - 90585152) a screenshot/ picture of the bank transaction or statement upon payment.

3. What should I bring to my swimming lesson on the first day? 

The basic learning materials needed for your first lesson will be: your swim costume, goggles, sunblock and a kicking board. Silicon swim cap will be given free.


Recommend buying thermal swimsuit to keep warm as water might be cold especially for the students below 8 years old. Can buy online cheaper.

Get 5% Off all items at below Oline shop link click here.

Put on waterproof sunblock at least 10min before entering the water.

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Swimming Goggles.png
Thermal swimsuit.png

4. How to enter the swimming complex?

Please register an ActiveSG App account and scan the ActiveSG barcode at the pool entrance.


All Singaporean and PR will get free $100 free credits.

Click below link to register and find out more. Membership (

Call Swimming Pool office at 62694192 if you need assistance.

5. Are there swimming lessons on the fifth week of every month? Since fees are paid for 4 classes a month?

Swimming lessons are only conducted in the 1st four weeks of the month. Usually there will be no lessons held on the fifth week of every month (E.g. 29th, 30th and 31st of the month) unless informed by the swim school.  


6. Will swimming lessons be conducted on rainy days? 

Yes, Rain or shine lessons will go on as per normal. In cases of bad weather such as heavy rain with thunder and/or lightning, a bad weather program will be carried out


In case the pool entrance is close, just need to inform the entrance staff you are coming in for land drills training.


Coaches will carry out lesson plans on the deck/on dry land in sheltered areas.

However, up to 2 Goodwill makeup for bad weather is available if student is unable to come for lessons for Woodlands Swimming Complex's' students.

Bukit Canberra Swimming Complex have a sheltered pool and will not be affected by bad weather.

Swimming lessons will be conducted as usual in the pool for Canberra Swimming Complex

7. Are makeup lessons available if students are unable to attend the lesson due to personal reasons or sick with MC?  

Singapore Swim School will try its best to arrange a makeup class for the student only if he/she has informed us at least one day in advance.


The makeup class time slot may be conducted by a different swim coach or arranged during a School Holiday when most classes are available.


A Medical Certificate is required for replacement class if the student is not feeling well.


There will be strictly no refund or deduction of swimming lessons fee.

There will be no more makeup for any missed complementary makeup arranged.

8.  Are there any swimming lessons conducted on Public Holidays?  

There will be no swimming lessons on Public Holidays and on any of the days listed below.


It will be counted as one lesson and no makeup is available for group classes.  


- All Singapore Public Holidays 

- Christmas Eve
- New Year Eve
- Chinese New Year Eve
- Chinese New Year (1st day and up to the 5th day of lunar calendar)   


9. Is there a deposit required for newly registered students? 

For newly registered or re-registering students, a one-month deposit is required. This deposit will be used to offset fees for the last 4 lessons of the student's learning journey with us at Singapore Swim School.


The student has to inform the Admin Class Manager at least one month in advance if they decide to quit.


There will be strictly no cash refund if the student fails to notify early.  



10. Will there be swimming lessons during school exam periods or vacation? 

Our swimming lessons last only 45 minutes, on a once-a-week basis, so students are not encouraged to stop swim classes for prolonged periods as this may affect their learning progress and preparation for upcoming swim tests/assessments.


However, if the need for absenteeism from class arises, do notify us at least one day in advance for the school to arrange makeup lessons for you. Otherwise, missed lessons will be deemed forfeited.



11. Are your swimming instructors certified? 

All of our swimming instructors are either certified under Singapore Sports Council or Singapore Swimming Teacher's Association.


Singapore Swim School's swim coaches are also First Aid and CPR/ AED certified. The safety of our students is of utmost importance to us.  


12. What is the maximum number of students in a group lesson?  

Each level of classes has its own limit, so we can better work with students.


Beginner Group classes are limited to between 8 students per class for beginner.


Intermediate and advanced classes are limited to 10 students per class.

13. What skills will be taught and how to know the students' progress?

Students will be taught progressively according to individual stage achieved.


Please refer to our awards winning Teaching/ Test syllabus below. 

Singapore Swim School Swimming Awards & Test Syllabus


14. Will there be award certification for students?  

There will be swimming test/assessment conducted at least twice a year for those students who are ready to take the tests, subjected to their coaches' judgement of the students' progress.


Award certificates will be issued to students who have successfully passed their tests. Our swim certificates are recognized by MOE schools

15. How long does the whole swimming course take?  

Usually, it takes an approximate 2 to 3 years for a 7 year-old child to achieve Singapore Swim School's Stage 6 Gold award.

However, it is advisable to learn until at least stage 4 bronze level to be water survival safe.


The learning process varies from one student to the next.


Students who are naturally comfortable maneuvering the waters may learn more quickly than others, while those who have a fear of water may take longer.


Despite this slight difference, our coaches are here to guide every student toward a common end-goal. 

16. What are the benefits of continuing our swimming program all the way?

Students who are interested in swimming and continue will be awarded as a qualified Lifesaver and Swim Coach.


Students who are 16 years old and above can work part time as a Lifesaver during school holidays while waiting for their A-Level results or waiting to enroll into the Polytechnic.


Extra qualification is very important nowadays for part time or as a career backup. 

17. Where to get more details, information and updates? 

Visit our website at or our Facebook page at 

18. Other detailed terms and conditions click here Terms & Condition.

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