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Recent Testimonials and Feedback

Recent Feedback

"My kid aged 5 just started this Feb and is able to swim for short distance. I very happy with the coach Wilson."

- Angel,  Woodlands Blk 827


"Both my children (ages 6, 8) have immensely enjoyed classes with Coach Robin. The coach lets them play water-based games at the last 5 min of every lesson, something they always look forward to."

- Wendy, Woodlands Blk 753 


"Woodlands Swimming Complex is very convenient for me as it is very near to my flat. I'm 55 years old and started to learn swimming with Coach Catherine. She is very patience with us. Thank you Singapore Swim School."  

- Ms Yeo,  Woodlands Blk 881  


"I'm really glad that the swim school do arranges make up lessons for my kids as we travel to Malaysia quite often. 5-star service indeed."

- Felicia, Woodlands Blk 513 


"My kids, Mike and Jane have been learning with coach Wilson for nearly two months. I was really surprise that my kids can actually swim for short distance within such a short time. I will definitely recommend Singapore Swim School to my friends."  

- Kieth, Woodlands Blk 141  


"Coach Larry is very good with children. My kids aged 5 and 6 can submerge their whole head into the water on the 1st lesson. Good Job Larry. Will definitely introduce my friends' kids to learn under Singapore Swim School."  

- Rani, Woodlands Blk 336  

"Coach Richmond allows makeup arrangements especially during the recent Covid-19 period. Thanks for the flexibility and good service."

- Ping, Canberra 

"My child aged 7 was very afraid of getting into the pool, due to a near-drowning incident when he was little. After attending Coach Willie's swim classes for few months, my boy can swim confidently across the pool now."

- Mr Gan, Northwave Condo

"Coach Jing Wen was very patient and cheerful when teaching my 2 twin girls. They have achieved stage 4 bronze awards during last swim test with Singapore Swim School. Thank you."

- Muhd Yusha, Summerdale Condo


"After taking up adults swimming lessons with Singapore Swim School, my health has improved alot. I'm now able to swim few lapses without stopping. Thank you coach Anthony for your patience."

- Vani, Masiling Blk 171


"My children have been with Singapore Swim School for almost 3 years and are all currently training for Level 6 Gold award. Classes have been a form of good exercise for my kids. Have recommended many friends. Thanks"

-  Mhd Norfitri, Woodlands


"Have always been looking for a female coach to begin private lessons with for my young kids, so glad to have found Coach Jing Wen with Singapore Swim School. Very much appreciative of the fact that she was able to switch around lesson timings to our convenience!"

- Mrs Chew, Clementi

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