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Swimming Lessons in Woodlands - Singapore Swim School

Singapore Swim School is one of Singapore’s most reputable swimming schools. We boast an over 20 years of experience in swim coaching all over Singapore.


At Singapore Swim School, we conduct swimming lessons at beginner, intermediate, advanced and competitive levels (Super Swim).

Our swim lessons are available at swimming complexes, public pools, and all private pools in condominiums island-wide. Our current headquarters is located at Woodlands Swimming Complex.

New beginner swim classes will be available at Woodlands, Bukit Canberra and Punggol Swimming Complex starting 2024.

Learn to swim the fun and easy way under our proven Award-Winning Syllabus.

Kids Swim Lessons

Where children learn to swim together in groups. Do expect collaborative learning and harmonious interaction in our group classes for young swimmers. Widen their social circles- let your child interact, friendships will blossom!


$100/ mth

Up to 50% Off 1st Month

Adults Swim Lessons

Where adult swimmers learn proper swim techniques in groups. No matter the level of expertise of our adult swimmers, our coaches will provide a systemic learning process for all individuals in the class. 


$120/ mth


Private Swim Lessons

Where full-on attention is channeled into grooming our individual learners. Learners get to enjoy undivided coaching and correction by our coaches for the entire duration of all lessons. 




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Swimming lessons for kids


Swimming lessons for kids are catered to children aged between 4 to 13 years.


At Singapore Swim School, our kids will be taught the basic aquatic skills: water confidence, water adjustment, water entry/ exit, blowing bubbles, prone floating, gliding and water safety mastery before progressing to the stroke development phase of their learning curves.

Learning to swim can be fun-filled! Swimming can be hobby as well as a sporting skill, especially for kids. It's not just about exercise and fitness for kids, it’s also about being able to handle emergencies in water.

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Swimming lessons for adults and seniors 


Swimming lessons for adults and seniors are for individuals aged 14 years and above. Students will learn the basic aquatic skills, build water confidence and learn proper stroke techniques under close guidance. 

The programme is targeted at correcting stroke techniques of swimmers. Our certified swim instructors will sieve out errors and ease you into the right way of swimming each stroke. 


Use swimming as a leverage to enjoy other water-sporting activities! Learning to swim for adults, besides its many health benefits, also serves as a gateway for adults to explore other popular water activities. Surf, snorkel, boat, canoe, kayak? No sweat!

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Private swimming lessons  


Private swim classes are best for learners who prefer to learn individually or in a small group with friends, siblings or relatives. Students will enjoy the full, undivided attention of our swimming coaches and their progress of learning will be faster.


Private swimming classes are a more flexible option as the assigned coach will accommodate to your schedule for swimming lessons. 

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Swimming lessons for ladies  


These classes are held for ladies who prefer to learn in a group setting with only female students. Be it beginner level or advanced level of learning, swimming helps ladies increase their fitness while boosting confidence levels.


Don't worry! Our specialised instructors are here to make you comfortable and safe whilst progressing, all at the same time.

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10 reasons why you should learn swimming with Singapore Swim School 


1. We have group swimming lessons available at Woodlands Swimming Complex, Bukit Canberra, Punggol Swimming Complex and any other pool island-wide. 

2. We have an award winning and proven teaching syllabus   

3. We make swimming lessons fun! 

4. We have qualified, proven swimming instructors who will make sure you learn to swim safely. 

5. Our full-time swimming instructors can help you develop water confidence and overcome your fear of water. 

6. Singapore Swim School is affordable for everyone. 

7. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction. 

8. Our swimming instructors are certified with Sports Singapore and Singapore Swimming Association will work with every student to master the skill of swimming.


9. Makeup lessons are available if you have missed lessons on certain days.

10. We are available all-year-round to help you learn basic swimming, stroke techniques or any water safety skills you desire. 

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Why does Singapore Swim School place emphasis on having fun in our classes?

  • The fun of swimming being a water-medium sport is one of the main reasons why kids join swim classes in the first place.

  • Kids learn faster when the learning process is fun! 

  • Fun is pertinent for all kids to stay engaged in class.  

  • Athletes perform at best when elements of fun are incorporated into their training regimes. 

  • Champions go faster because fun motivates them to go even further. 

  • Enjoyable classes are platforms for young swimmers to discover their passion for swimming.

  • Enthusiasm is important for long-term progress. 

  • Injecting fun into the things we do help keep us going in everything we aim to achieve. 

New Swim Classes Promotion for Kids Beginner at Woodlands/ Canberra/ Punggol Swimming Complex Starting Soon Up to 50% Off 1st month fee.


  • Monday 4.30pm, 5.15pm, 6pm, 6.45pm, 7.30pm

  • Tuesday 4.30pm, 5.15pm, 6pm, 6.45pm, 7.30pm

  • Wednesday 4.30pm, 5.15pm, 6pm, 6.45pm, 7.30pm

  • Thursday Pool closed for weekly 4.30pm, 5.15pm, 6pm, 6.45pm, 7.30pm

  • Friday 3.45pm, 4.30pm, 5.15pm, 6pm, 6.45pm, 7.30pm

  • Saturday 8.15am, 9am, 9.45am, 10.30am, 11.15am

  • Saturday 12pm, 12.45pm, 1.30pm, 2.15pm

  • Saturday 3pm, 3.45pm, 4.30pm, 5.15pm, 6pm

  • Sunday 8.15am, 9am, 9.45am, 10.30am, 11.15am

  • Sunday 12pm, 12.45pm, 1.30pm, 2.15pm

  • Sunday 3pm, 3.45pm, 4.30pm, 5.15pm, 6pm

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