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Swim Test Registration

Register Now for Nov 2022

Dear parents and students, 

Please check the namelist and register for your respective test stage as indicated.


Students who are not ready for the upcoming Nov 2022 swim test will be register for the next round upon coach's reccomendation in early 2023.

Please ensure that the stage your child will be examined at has been indicated correctly in the following list, before registering via the link here.

1 NAME 1.png
1 NAME 2.png
1 NAME 3.png
1 NAME 4.png
1 NAME 5.png
1 NAME 6.png
1 NAME 7.png
1 NAME 9.png
1 NAME 10.png
1 NAME 11.png
1 NAME 12.png
1 NAME 8.png
1 NAME 13.png
1 NAME 14.png
1 NAME 15.png
1 NAME 16.png
1 NAME 17.png
1 NAME 18.png
1 NAME 19.png
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